Track 0001: LONELY (Hodgson/Charlton/Lathan) 1:13 (PURITY) (c.August 1972)
Musicians: John Hodgson – drums, backing vocals. Michael Charlton – lead vocals, guitar
Recorded: Langley Studios (room 1) mono cassette recorder
Around the middle of 1972 Michael was given a mono portable cassette recorder, and the recording career of Purity began.
I took control of the sessions, and thanks to my habit of hoarding, the first cassette used is still present and correct today.
In 1984 I realised that the original cassette was falling to bits, so I commenced a program of transfers to better quality “metal” tapes, from which this track was digitised.
The lyrics to “Lonely” were co-written by myself and school friend Stephen Lathan, as we looked out from Stephen's bedroom window, seeking inspiration.
The actual recording took place later at Michael's house without Stephen's involvement. Stephen's younger brother Mark was fascinated by the idea of pop groups and asked my advice on how to start one. I gave him some tips on how to play the keyboards (despite being a rank amateur myself!) and years later Mark Lathan surfaced on TV, playing in a band called Mass. He later went to America to continue his musical career.
“Lonely” is a mid-tempo pop song which suffers from a hastily written chorus: “I Want It/I Need It” but is redeemed by a couple of verses that tell the story of unrequited love.
In these early recordings, of which “Lonely” is a prime example, the preferred instrument was guitar, which Michael strummed with amateurish glee, tuned to an open chord as he couldn't play proper chord shapes.
“Lonely” is included mainly because it's the earliest surviving recording That I appear on.
THINGS TO LISTEN OUT FOR: You will notice that the song appears to start in the middle, this is due to an accidental erasure of the first few seconds of the song. Only the introduction and the first word of the first line was lost.




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